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Bunt ist meine Welt?oder doch nicht immer?

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Ausstellungen 2024

Ausstellungsbeteiligung in der Sonderausstellung: Kinderträume – Blütenträume?

07.04.2024 ? 07.07.2024
Museum Angermünde
Ehm Welk zum 140. Geburtstag

Exhibition portfolio

A jury of international artists and educators selects the best of the year from the works submitted each year and puts together the annual exhibition, which traditionally takes place in Schwedt. Equally interesting for those responsible at FLOW are the exhibitions that follow. These are themed, showing, for example, the artistic treatment of a theme in different countries (Koszalin) or presenting the wide range of painting and drawing techniques. The choice of themes is extensive. They are often developed or suggested together with the organizers of the exhibitions, as they can be relevant for the respective place and time. Professional exhibition organizers are brought into the FLOW team for the realization of extensive exhibitions.

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