Call to all children and young people up to 20 years of age in Germany and the world

Create individual and original pictures about your everyday life, your environment, your dreams, fairy tales, stories and everything that moves you! Show us how creatively and age-appropriately you work in the most diverse artistic techniques!


Entry deadline May 30, 2025 in

Frequently asked questions

Individuality and originality
Individualität und Originalität
Conscious, age-appropriate implementation of artistic techniques
Special statement of the work
Discussion of current social issues

The works will be judged in four age groups:
Age group I 4 to 6 years
Age group II 7 to 11 years
Age group III 12 to 15 years
Age group IV 16 to 20 years

All works will be judged by an international jury, which will ultimately award the prizes in each age group.

Everyone is only allowed to submit one work, but can additionally participate in a group work. Furthermore, there is still the possibility to additionally apply in the category "Digital Art".

As a rule, originals must be submitted!
Works created with the help of computer programmes can be submitted by form via the special category Digital Art on our website.
In addition, the maximum size of 70 x 100 cm must not be exceeded.

The submitted works must not be older than two years.

The closing date for registration is 30 May.

Internationaler Zeichenwettbewerb
Lindenallee 62A, 16303 Schwedt/Oder, Germany

When shipping the work, please observe the German customs regulations. Any fees incurred cannot be accepted.

10 non-cash prizes will be awarded in each age group.
Furthermore, the following special prizes will be awarded:
Prize for the best group work (project day in an artistic institution or museum)
Prize of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the State of Brandenburg (150,-Euro)
Prize of the Mayor of the City of Schwedt (150,-Euro)
Prize of the Mayor of Schwedt for the best work from Tuapse (150,- Euro)
Prize of the Mayor of the City of Prenzlau (150,-Euro)
Prize of the Lower Oder Valley National Park (workshop)
Prize of the District Administrator of the Uckermark District (150,- Euro)
Environmental Award of PCK Raffinerie GmbH (150,- Euro)
Prize of the "J. A. P. Schulz" Foundation (100,-Euro)
Prize of the Asklepios Klinikum Uckermark (200,-Euro)
Prize of the Children and Youth Jury (non-cash prize)
Audience Award (non-cash prize)
All award winners will be published on our website.

All submitted works become the property of the drawing competition and will not be returned. By participating in this competition, the organiser is granted the right to use the drawings for press work and advertising and to present them in exhibitions. In the case of charity events, the sale of the works is agreed. The legal process is excluded.

Nein, für unseren Wettbewerb leider nicht, da wir es nach unseren Richtlinien dann als Plagiat einstufen würden. Versuche wirklich Deine eigenen Gedanken sprießen zu lassen.