Digital works, i.e. works created on the computer, can once again be submitted for the 56th drawing competition. These works will be judged separately. Prize winners will then be chosen from all the works in the "FLOW Digital" category.

Conditions of participation:

Only digitally produced works will be recognised. Analogue works that have been scanned or photographed, as well as photographs, will be excluded from the judging. The participant must sign a declaration that he/she has created the picture independently and without outside help or a template.

Format specifications:

  • Resolution: min. 300 dpi
  • Größe: mindestens 1280 in der Länge (entweder 1280×720 px oder 720×1280 px oder größer)
  • File size: min. 2 MB max. 10 MB
  • Recognised file formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg
  • Only one work per person